Unique chance to join the Big Nerd Ranch and become an iOS developer in Amsterdam

Three leading app development companies offer sponsored seats and a job afterwards to the Big Nerd Ranch iOS bootcamp

Are you developing for iPhone and iPad and you want to become a kick-ass developer with a job in Amsterdam? Then here is your chance of a lifetime! Three of the leading Amsterdam companies in App development offer 10 places to the Big Nerd Ranch iOS Bootcamp for half of the normal investment AND with a fulltime job afterwards. Submit your details and hear back from us soon.

Experience in iOS development, but you want to take your knowledge to the next level and you dream of working as an iOS developer in Appsterdam? Check out this great offer!

M2Mobi, Infostrada Interactive and XS2TheWorld are all looking for more iOS developers and they have teamed up with the Big Nerd Ranch to collectively give developers the opportunity to move to Amsterdam and work & live here.

If you are a developer already making cool stuff for iPhone and iPad and you have EU citizenship you can now apply for one of the ten sponsored half price places, that we offer to the Big Nerd Ranch course.

You pay half of the money and get a fulltime job offer afterwards, sounds to good to be true? Read on.

This 5-day iOS Bootcamp is from 18-22 November 2013. All the detailed information on the course can be found HERE. The normal price is 2.800 euros and this reduced price is 1.400 euros ex 21% VAT for this 5-day all inclusive bootcamp. Best of all you will have a job at the end of it.

About the 5-day Advanced iOS (iPhone/iPad) bootcamp

If you're an iOS developer who wants to take your iPhone or iPad app programming skills to the next level, attend our Advanced iOS Bootcamp. If you can use the ideas and techniques covered 'iOS Programming: The BNR Guide' in your sleep, you will find this class delightful.

Suitable for students who have the basics under their belts, this class explores advanced iOS development topics including 2D and 3D graphics programming, using the built-in sensors to capture and process audio and video, and maximizing the performance of iOS applications.

During the bootcamp the companies that are paying part of your course will present themselves. You will be invited to select two of the companies and have a job interview, these interviews will be held at the companies’ offices to get a feel for the company.

After you completed the bootcamp successfully, you will be offered a contract by at least one of the companies, after which you can start working right away (or as soon as humanly possible for yourself ;)

If you don't finish the course or don't start work with one of the three companies you will have to pay the remaining part of the course money to the Big Nerd Ranch.

Requirements for applying for this once in a lifetime chance:

  • You are available for the 5-day iOS bootcamp in Amsterdam from 18-22 November
  • send us your CV and motivation. Tell us who you are and explain us why YOU are the one we have to select. Blow us away! You can send it to biggestnerdranch@m2mobi.com 
  • You have EU citizenship
  • You have a degree in Computer Science (College or University)
  • You are able to work in Amsterdam starting December or January
  • You can guarantee that there are no other obligations (contracts) which prevent you from working at an App development company in Amsterdam
  • You can apply up to October 3rd 2013

We have (a maximum of) 10 sponsored tickets for the bootcamp in combination with a job in Amsterdam; after October 3rd, the CTO’s of the three companies will hand pick the best 10 candidates and we will offer them this amazing deal.

Over M2mobi

"M2mobi. Big ideas in small frames."

M2mobi was founded in 2006 as supplier of mobile services. We have grown into an international organization of consultants, designers and developers. Our strategies and services have helped to strengthen the bond between brands and people. We are always searching for ideas that fit the strategy, medium and target audience of our clients. By deploying our knowledge, skills, creativity and strategic insight we devise practical solutions that keep amazing our clients and end-users. We keep ourselves alert by the simple guiding principle that things can always be improved.