DFW first U.S. airport with Mobile Food Ordering

Dallas Forth Worth Airport continues to improve travellers experience with a pre-order functionality.

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport is the first U.S. airport to introduce Mobile Food Ordering. No more waiting in line, Travellers can now order on the go and pay with the official DFW mobile app. M2mobi implemented this new feature for the DFW mobile iOS and Android app.

DFW Airport understands that convenience plays a big part in making the amenities they have to offer more accessible to its travelers. With Mobile Food Ordering, travellers can now order their food in advance from more than 20 restaurants and avoid the wait.

In the DFW app, visitors can order food directly from the list of restaurants with the green ‘mobile ordering’ icon. The app also makes it easy to pay in advance. Once travellers successfully place their order, they receive a confirmation and the order will appear in their ‘order history’. Finally, the app navigates users to the restaurant of their choice and all that is left is to pick up their meal.

Staying true to being a user friendly experience was the most important feature during the implementation process. Together with DFW Airport, we will continue to improve Mobile Food Ordering. This is just one of the ways how DFW Airport wants to offer their customers a smooth and relaxed journey.

"DFW is the first US airport that launches mobile food ordering. Making all this work was a great experience." Mike Smolders, Project Manager - M2mobi
"The passenger journey is going to change drastically the coming years. These kind of innovations are a good start for making your journey more delightful." Michiel Munneke, Director - M2mobi
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