DFW first airport with Apple TV app

Dallas Forth Worth is expanding their mobile strategy with an app for the Apple TV

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport is the first Airport in the world to introduce an app for Apple TV customers. This breakthrough milestone provides DFW customers with an extensive user experience and further enhances DFW’s digital suite of products. Mobile app developer M2mobi created the DFW mobile app, smartwatch app, and now the Apple TV app.

The goal of the Apple TV app, is to provide service to DFW customers before they arrive at the airport. The app provides flight information from the comfort of your home and a dashboard of the selected flight will remain at the top of each screen, conveniently making sure the information remains accessible. This can all be done while customers are finishing up their last-minute packing and preparing for their journey.

In the app customers can search for their flight and bookmark it and pull up all the relevant flight information such as gate information and flight status. A map of the parking products at DFW is also available and provides real time information of open parking spots, costs per day, shuttle schedules, and estimated walking distances. Customers can also plan their trip from their home parking garage to the different DFW parking options while also providing real time traffic information. Customers can accomplish all of this while their information remains up to date at the top of the screen.

This is simply our first release and there are plan to keep pushing the boundaries of innovations for DFW International Airport.

"DFW is the first airport that has developed a Apple Tv app. It is great to work on the latest platform that Apple has added to their ecosystem. " Mike Smolders, Project Manager - M2mobi
"DFW continues to innovate and search for things to enlighten their passengers. It is great to be working alongside such a forward thinking client." Michiel Munneke, Director - M2mobi
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