Dallas Fort Worth International Airport released New Mobile App designed and developed by M2mobi

New DFW Mobile App provides real- time, tailored information for each person’s individual journey

Airport Mobile app specialist M2mobi has just released the Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport app. This totally new and improved version is built from scratch and has a fresh look and feel. Of course it also includes a whole variety of new features that enhances the passenger experience. With this improved app each individual DFW airport traveler is guided quickly and easily through the Airport without having to worry about anything.

When DFW assigned the project to M2mobi, they were very clear on what they wanted to achieve: an app that would fit the needs of their travelers. Making their journey to and through DFW a smooth and delightful experience. So when a dedicated project team of M2mobi headed over to the warm and welcoming state of Texas, they wanted to make sure that the new app embraced that philosophy.

“We were really excited when we met the DFW team for the first time. We knew that we were going to be introduced to the new DFW brand philosophy and ambition. The redefined identity was something that took a central place during the weeks we spent in the DFW metroplex.” Explains Michiel Baneke, Creative Director of M2mobi. “In close collaboration with the whole team we felt like we were able to really capture the essence of that new identity. Many workshops and usability tests resulted in an app that feels simple, but still manages to create moments of wow when we anticipate specific user needs.”

During the project DFW launched a new brand identity with the tagline: Travel transformed. An exciting launch for the airport and because M2mobi stands for innovation and improving the passenger experience, the team took the opportunity to enhance app and embrace the new identity. The app is designed to fit the needs of the traveler of today and tomorrow.

“Approximately 90% of DFW passengers are carrying smartphones and are increasingly engaging with the airport through mobile devices requesting immediate information. The new DFW Airport Mobile App delivers answers right to them with a sleek interactive user interface,” said Sean Donohue chief executive officer of DFW Airport. “The Mobile App allows us to provide customers any information they want in real- time, tailored to each person’s particular journey through our Airport. This is another way we are leveraging technology to create a passenger experience that is warm, welcoming and efficient.”

Some of the new and improved features that one can find in the new app:

● Your own flight dashboard right under your thumb, without having to search for it.

● Live updates, to make sure the user stays informed on the status of a flight.

● Personalised information on where to find your gate, baggage and even your car.

● Weather forecast for both the local weather and the weather forecast for the city of destination.

● Indoor navigation.

● Information on the more than 200 shops, dining options and services DFW offers

● You can even explore what’s within five minutes from your gate, so you don’t have to worry about wandering off to far.

● A clear floorplan that leads you to an overview of all DFW’s Parking products with a live update on rates and availability.

"We congratulate DFW with the release of their mobile app.” Said Michiel Munneke- CEO of M2mobi. “This is a first step in our partnership towards delivering a seamless and delightful passenger experience. It has been great to work together with such an ambitious organisation as DFW and we look forward to continuously improve the airport journey by listening to the passengers needs and connecting more services. "

The DFW Airport Mobile App is available in English and Spanish and plans are already in place to continuously improve the app, with M2mobi releasing regular updates and responding to customer feedback. M2mobi has previously created apps for other major airports such as Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, Aéroports de Paris and Dubai Airports.

The Official DFW Airport Mobile App is available as a free download for Apple iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play Store) mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

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