M2mobi Set to Deliver a New App for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

M2mobi to assist in delivering DFW’s passengers experience into the future

Airport App specialist M2mobi is set to deliver the latest App for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). DFW is ranked 3rd in the world for daily operations with over 922 departures per day, and wants to craft the smoothest digital passenger experience in the industry. DFW will work with M2Mobi based on their track record and award winning Apps for Schiphol, Paris and Dubai Airports.

The app will reduce the stress of the traveler and create some delightful moments. At first, the app will focus on the basic needs of the passenger: finding accurate flight information with a simple but powerful search and a focus on personal flight information will support this. Next, wayfinding is one of the other important new functionalities that will help the traveler easily find their way throughout the airport, and will be achieved with an interactive map. The passenger can choose to do a search directly in the map by typing in anything such as ‘gates’ or ‘shops’. Another approach to become familiar with the airport will be to browse through all available facilities near the departure gate. All of these features combined are intended to deliver a product that seamlessly enables the traveler to navigate the airport.

Both companies plan to continuously improve the customer experience by releasing updates and acting on customer feedback. Therefore after the first release M2mobi has already planned an update in early 2016, which is designed to take the app to an even higher level.

"We are honored to serve such a forward thinking organization. This is our first step into the US market and we really appreciate the fact that DFW has recognized our specialized experience and our determinism to improve the passenger’s experience. We believe this partnership will be able to set a new standard in digital passenger services." Michiel Munneke, CEO M2Mobi
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